Why Packaging matters: (Neely, P n/a) (Neely, P n/a)   Price of Outsourcing Packwire (10 boxes $4.50 each) - (online design tool - 3d modelling etc - looks good) Packlane ( - (10 boxes $5 each) - similar to packwire, however, I prefer the interface) - Booklets - Stickers - Diy … Continue reading Packaging

W2 S2: Research, Branding (11th Feb – 17th Feb)

Weekly Goal: Understand through research what main question my essay will follow? Create Final List of Cards, Define Brand Identity and post on social media. Contents: Reflective Journal Neuroscience of consumer behaviour, Consumer Loyalty, Games Development Branding (Monday), Concept Art (Monday) Final Card List (Wednesday), Playtesting (Thursday), Jump Mechanic, Dice Rolling (Attacks). Final Logo Design … Continue reading W2 S2: Research, Branding (11th Feb – 17th Feb)

W1 S2: Schedule, Prototyping & Research (4th Feb – 10th Feb)

Weekly Goal: Develop the start of the brand identity. Prototype and define mechanics – need to know what my game is!!! is it a brand game or a game? Begin RJ Research Contents: Reflective Journal Gamification Anthropomorphism Social Media Games Development Prototyping Discussion Mechanics Notes & Journals Reflective Journal  Monday 4th Research: Today marked the … Continue reading W1 S2: Schedule, Prototyping & Research (4th Feb – 10th Feb)

Card Design v.3 – Products, Materials, Software, Considerations

January 24th Card Design In this segment I explore my goals and expectations for the project and try to apply solutions to create an 'alpha' set of my playing cards. What is my goal? Med-High Quality, (Touch - Sight) Highly Illustrated, Visuals Fit the Character's Affiliation (light or dark - decorate border with aesthetically fitting … Continue reading Card Design v.3 – Products, Materials, Software, Considerations

Character Design v.1

TBC 24th January Character Types Dark Side Demi-gods (High power, High cost - special abilities) Heroes (Powerful, Medium cost- high defense) Notables (Balanced Characters - special abilities) Soliders (Fighting Class, low-Medium power, Low cost) Priests (Healing, Conversion & Necromancy, High Health) Light Side Demi-gods (High power, High cost - special abilities) Heroes (Powerful, Medium cost- … Continue reading Character Design v.1

Components: Damage Counters

Visual References 22nd January The purpose of damage counters is to help players keep track of damage taken, health left and other stats during play without having to remember these factors mentally. Counters are a fun additional component of play and add extra satsifaction for users. My current proposed product will certainly need a damage … Continue reading Components: Damage Counters

Audience Research

This page documents my on-going efforts into audience research 24th February Gen Z: (Image Source: Here) Gen Z value real people over corporate brands, They are just as happy to recieve digital content as physical items (lootboxes) (The Richards Group, n.d.), Gen Z spend a total of $124 on gaming and toys (over a six … Continue reading Audience Research

Visual Style

Defining and refining the Game's Style through Research: In order to direct my research I brainstormed a small list of themes, ideas and colours that I want present in the games visual style: Dark Bold Etherial Medieval Classical Mythology (Nordic, Greek, Egyptian imagery) Pagan (human-animal-nature hybrids, relatable imagery) Christian Art (halos, narrative composition, gold tones) Bold … Continue reading Visual Style

Project Overview – Phase 3 & 4

Contents Introduction Game Decisions, Features & Mechanics: What are my main goals? What are the primary thematic focus points throughout the ideation of concept? Why is art important? How do I achieve these goals? Why a game? Why not another form of media, such as: an interactive story or app? What type of game would work best … Continue reading Project Overview – Phase 3 & 4

Reference Images – Phase 3 & 4

(IGN, 2018) (IGN, 2018) (IGN, 2018) (IGN, 2018)             (, n.d.)      (Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, n.d.)  (, n.d.) (, n.d.) (YurikoBandit, 2018) (Siegal, 2016)   Comparative View: (, n.d.) (Collector's Cache, n.d.) (Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, n.d.) (Dr_Scaphandre, 2017) References (n.d.). Light and Darkness Dragon. [image] Available at: [Accessed 4 Jan. 2019]. … Continue reading Reference Images – Phase 3 & 4