W16 S2: Kickstarter, Filming (20th – 26th May)

Final play test and filming


Notes from filming/playing

  • hard to pick up cards from mat as it is too grippy,
  • need a place (box/space) on the mat for hero items and the counters,
  • counters still need to be replaced (health counter as a spinning mechanism),
  • deciding on whether to keep stamina on characters after attacks (makes game-play smoother),
  • New mechanic: upon successfully clearing your opponents field (no playable characters placed on their bench) damage from the enemy doubles until a new card is placed by your opponent,




Marketing and Planning

Kick-starter Preparations

On Entrepreneur.com, a list of key questions were highlighted, these questions help to frame and guide the preparation process for starting a kick-starter.

“1. How should I explain my idea on my Kickstarter project page? 

2. How should I determine my funding goal? account for those, too.

3. What kinds of rewards should I offer backers?

4. How can I increase the likelihood that Kickstarter will accept my project? 

5. Should I create a video for my Kickstarter campaign? 
Projects that include a video are 50 percent more successful than those that don’t, according to Kickstarter

6. How should I publicize my Kickstarter campaign? 

7. Can I choose how long my Kickstarter project will last? 

8. Which project category should I enter?

9. How often should I update my backers? 

10. How do I build and submit my Kickstarter project? “

(Shandrow, 2013)


Shandrow, K (6th May 2013). “10 Questions to Ask When Creating Your First Kickstarter Project”. Entrepreneur.com [online]. [Accessed: 20th May 2019].

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