W15 S2: Footage Begins! Board Mounting (13th – 19th May)

Games Development

Board Mounting

It’s Friday the 17th and today I plan to mount my playing mat onto board. I’m hoping through this process to understand in better quality the final outcomes I wish to put forward for my product to my audience. The main idea behind this process is that mounting my mat onto board will improve the quality, feel and perceived value of it as an asset to this product. So far I have only produced flat – gloss – mats to play-test on, these have been sufficient in testing and have shown a few issues; those of which I looked at last week.

Outcomes of process: – not yet complete

Video production

Video Goal: Showcase how to play, some basic rules and footage of the game being played.

Reason: the reason for this choice is so that new players and assessors can view the game in action and learn about the mechanics without the necessity of owning and playing the game themselves. This gives people an opportunity to decide whether or not they like the ‘concepts’ and play-style of the game before making a purchase.

Ultimately I want potential buyers to be intrigued and impressed by my content and videos in order to convert them from passerby’s to consumers of the product.

Promotion, learning and conversion are key points for this video.

Timeline & planning

Video Timeline-1

Thus far I have blocked out basic headers to fit into footage of real-time game-play.

I had to make the decision between producing digital animation of the product or producing real footage. My conclusion was that real footage would be most beneficial for a few key reasons:

  • Time and efficiency: it is easy to manipulate the real world space around us, far quicker than it is to manipulate digital space through animation. If i need to make any significant changes all I need to do is set up the camera and record, rather than re-animating an entire film through key-frames and twinning.
  • Transparency: using real footage will help promote the game in it’s natural state – as the game is a physical product it is important to promote it in the most authentic way possible. Showing the game played in it’s natural setting will translate the right message to my players and show transparency at this early stage of production. I believe that honesty is important to my audience and I want to show them the real product rather than a ‘clean’ highly polished digital rendition of the product,
  • Visual Appeal: visually the aesthetic of real world imagery can be many things, I’d like to frame this work to make the game look and feel like a fun fantasy game with lots of appeal. I plan to create a space that looks comfortable, familiar and also hint towards the fantasy theme with objects, such as: skulls, candles, flowers, jars (items you could imagine being on the table of a great wizard).

My main concerns with digital animation is the lack of transparency and the time in-effectiveness of it’s production. Digital animations look effortless and clean when produced correctly, however, this is not the natural state of my game and I feel it would translate the wrong message to my audience. I also am lacking in time as my hand in is getting closer by the day. Realistically, I could film all the scenes and edit the entire video in a day – opposed to digital animation, which could take weeks if I want it done correctly. Therefore, for the reasons of time, transparency and visual effectiveness I have decided to film the visual parts of my video opposed to animating it digitally.

Process: on-going (next week contains more footage & stills)

Example of text frames from the film: As dictated in the above time-line, each slide explains how to play the game step by step, these frames are accompanied by footage and stills of game-play to best illustrate these concepts.


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