W14 S2: Rule Books, Mat Improvements and More (6th May – 12th May)

Weekly Goal

  • Rule Book Completed,
  • Cards Cut Out & User-Testing Done,
  • Website Research & implementation,
  • Maybe some filming if I have time,
  • Re-consider Mat Ideas.


Games Development

  • Tuesday (Art and Rule Books),

Games Development

Monday: Website & Kick-starter Research


Art & Rule Books Finished

Thursday: Video Planning & Website Editing

Below is a time-line of the basic set up for the ‘How to Play’ promo video:

I’ve included the basic ‘jist’ of what is needed, however, more thought needs to go into the visuals. I feel like as long as the background and images are clean and sharp the point will come across, however, I have an idea in mind of a really nice fantasy setting – candles lit and a really nice black cloth over the table. The aesthetic additions will only be added if I have time and money to do so, I believe they will improve the professionalism of the video and also fit nicely with the brand themes and imagery that i want to put forward in the games media. Concreting the themes early for my audience will do a lot to help keep the brand consistent and desirable.

Friday: Play-testing with Adam & the Playing Mat

Today’s play test has reiterated some prior issues, those being the health counters and the mat.

Health Counters

The health counters in their current ‘cut-out’ state are confusing and difficult to navigate, the main problems/concerns being:

  • do you use the coins to show damage taken or health remaining?,

Implementing a new component (previously explored) will hopefully remove this confusion and also improve game-play and ease of access to players. This component is essentially a turn-able health indicator that shows the remaining health of any given character. The component works by having all possible health stats shown going from (200 to 0) in increments of 10. I believe this component will be easier to use and easier to understand for new players. A concept drawing can be seen below:



Current problems:

  • Glossy material refracts too much light and makes the board hard to read,
  • Glossy material is slippery,
  • the material also makes the game feel cheap and incomplete.
Digital Version of the ‘Old’ Mat Design – Prior to May

The Mat in it’s current state is far too shiny, Adam also noted that this made it look ‘cheap’ which is a statement I agreed with. Fortunately the University have some board left over and Andy from Print has offered to help me fix the Mat.

This cost effective fix is going to make a big difference to the professional outcomes of this project and make my game feel far more whole. The idea is to fix a matte printout of my playing mat onto flexible board that can be folded. We discussed that matte would be the most appropriate solution as the glossy look of the current mat is distracting and slippery. After looking at some examples Adam had, this solution seemed to be the most cost-effective and efficient fix for this current moment in time.

In the future I may consider improving the mat further if I can secure funding and interest in the game by potential players. Once more finance has been secured I will be able to send the mat off for production and test a variety of different materials to give my players the best quality experience possible.

The Future

After play-testing it was noted that perhaps a video tutorial showing players the game rules would be really helpful in not only speeding up game play but also to build further on my promotional material. This video gives me an opportunity to test the product online. I plan to post the videos I create to you-tube to gauge the success and interest garnered by the product in it’s current state. At this stage it will then be possible to decide whether or not it would be appropriate to initiate a kick starter campaign to bring the game into professional production. At this point I will be able to consider improvements to the quality of production and get some very vital user feedback from my new audience of players.

Output Total

  • Rule & Art Books finished,
  • Mat Testing underway,
  • Video Underway,
  • Counters discussed,
  • Future plans discussed.

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