Why Packaging matters:

Specific Ways Packaging Affects Brand Perception

(Neely, P n/a)

Better Packaging Helps Reorders

(Neely, P n/a)


Price of Outsourcing

Packwire (10 boxes $4.50 each) – (online design tool – 3d modelling etc – looks good)

Packlane ( – (10 boxes $5 each) – similar to packwire, however, I prefer the interface)



Diy Solutions for the Hand In (due to cost)

Buy a plain rigid box/cardboard (for custom shape),

make a two deck boxes,

buy plastic card sleeves,

print rule book and art book as inserts in the box,

create reference image.



Box Examples/References/inspiration

  • Rigid Box Style
  • Customised shapes
  • Mailer Box


Neely, P (n/a). 5 inexpensive ways to make your packages stand out [article]. (online). Accessed at: [Accessed 3rd May 2019]

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