W12 & W13 S2: Cards Finished, Testing Prints and Quality (22nd – 5th May)


Games Development

  • Finished (digital) Sheets,
  • Printouts,
  • Professional Prints & Looking at the Polished Product,

Games Development

Week 12

All Sheets finalised and tested!

At home test prints:

  • All text can be read and looks professional,
  • card stock used is too thick, however, provides a nice feel when played,
  • colour is slightly too dull on this paper,
  • Not waterproof at all,

Will need to re-test on different card stocks to gauge quality and plan final cards.

Week 13

Professional(ish) Demo Prints: Mat vs Gloss cards – a discussion

Mat Pros & Cons

  • No glare – easy to read text,
  • Non-slippery,
  • May wear faster than Gloss
  • Looks cheap and unfinished,
  • Needs more texture (physically) and depth in colour,
  • Paper used is thin and flimsy, 

Gloss Pros & Cons

  • Gloss has slight glare – perhaps making it harder to read in certain lights,
  • Slightly slippery if a card cover is not used,
  • Does not wear so easily – has the additional advantage of being waterproof,
  • Looks cheap also – texturing may help with this issue,
  • Colour depth is nice and deep – no issues there,
  • Paper used is thin and flimsy, 


My main problem with both prints is that my cards have not got the desired rigidity and width, when I think about my product as a professional piece I do not see either of the two test prints above working in the long run.

These two methods of testing have proved very cost effective and have allowed me to consider card finishes in more depth, however, neither of these methods have provided end quality level cards that I can use to promote my game. If I am able to secure more funding I plan to look further into printing methods and costs and try to demo different cards in more depth. The quality I am aiming for is similar to the main three card games researched throughout the process of production, those being: Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic. So far the cards are reaching a quality similar to that of the Dragon Ball card game, which in my opinion feels cheap and unfinished; this is not something I want to put forward into the market.

Some major faults

Some major faults of assembly have affected my cards and has lead to many of the tested cards being unsuitable for use due to miss-cutting of the back pieces, as seen below:


This currently, is insignificant as I don’t plan to showcase these cards in their totality to my audience, however, it has allowed me to understand that I should be cutting out the back pieces differently to the front in order to prevent issues such as these in further tests.

I realise this may impact and show during my assessment, so I wanted to talk about this mistake more openly. Ultimately I think I should have taken more care when cutting out these sheets.

Future Plans

I plan to source professional printing for these cards to test further different types of textures, styles and qualities. I want my cards to feel slightly thicker and have a much more professional finish then they do in their current state. Perhaps a slight gloss with some texture and thicker card stock; this will be tested after assessment if funding is in place.


Art Book & Rule Book (non final) renders:

Art-Book PDF (View)

Rule-Book PDF (View)

Output Total

  • Sheet 6 Completed (all 54 cards drawn up and finalised),
  • Components Printed,
  • Professional Prints Completed.

Not Done

  • Print 3D Dice & Hero Tower,
  • All prints need to be cut out and processed.

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