W9, W10 & W11 S2: 4 Finished Card Sheets & Recap (1st April – 14th)

Weekly Goal

  • Recap the prior 8 weeks to evaluate current projectory,
  • Keep working on cards.


Games Development

  • Sheets 1-6,
  • Printouts,
  • Card Artwork.


  • Weeks 1 – 8

Games Development

Monday W9

At the beginning of the week I started off with a good amount of completed character cards, what needed adding was three additional pieces of artwork (these were completed later in the week). A few additional changes have been made including, increasing font size, reducing banner sizes and changes to some text – all of these have gone to improve the playability of the cards.

Tuesday W9 – New card backs (Testing currently)

I decided to improve the look and feel of the card backs after my first printing trial in week 7, this trial showed that the original design was too dark and dull and didn’t really stand out in the way it should. In order to rectify this error I have changed the colouring and brightness of the card backs as seen below:

These new changes seem to translate well onto paper, however, until I test my prints on a higher quality printer the true extent to it’s appeal wont be apparent.

Wednesday W9

I’ve now completed 4 Sheets, some more tweaks to artwork and some bio additions need to implemented.

I printed out all the available cards and made them play ready. Upon review of the cards by third parties during play-testing, it was noted that the title ‘ITEM CARD’ read more like ‘Hemp Card’ due to the font italics, this fix is simple and involves spacing the letters to a greater extent, this change needs to be implemented in week 10.

Tuesday W10: Sheets 4 & 6


Wednesday W10: Playtest

Dice modelling


Recap of last 8 Weeks

Week 1

Schedule is established

Project planning begins:

  • What needs to be made and when it should be made: lots of changes have occurred since this point in my project, now that I can look back at my initial plans I can see that lots of components, mechanics and cards have been changed to better fit the needs of the game – this progress is excellent and I’m happy with the ways in which the game has changed. I still need to access each mechanic and card separately through play-throughs to learn how to better transfer this information to players, and to test their full capabilities.



  • Initial plans for play-style and mat layout have changed greatly since this point, however, I feel improvements still need to be made as the mat is far too large and cumbersome to be an enjoyable experience for players. (insert image later)
  • Hero/Totem is explored (needs to be revisited).

Week 2

  • Branding was explored,Herzundsymbollezeichnen
  • Conceptualisation of the card design begun, including graphic elements being drawn out (above),
  • Total Card list was theorised (this later changes to fit the needs of the game, some cards were too strong, others useless).
  • Card types were explored (these have relatively stayed the same),
  • Character list was finalised (this has changed as the narrative and process of production has influenced the final feel of each character/card),
  • Play-testing (Discovering the jump mechanic!),
  • Logo was designed and finalised,


Week 3

  • Printing the Totem (tests, no concrete successes here yet – needs revisiting),
  • Overlay card design was established (text and font has changed, however, the formula has remained mostly the same as the card design works for the players)


  • All cards are drafted based off of my ‘final’ card list: this tool has proved very useful in the production of cards – even as the designs changed – as I was easily able to access each individual card and alter anything I wanted about them. I later changed the size of each card so that when printed they would be larger and easier to read,

  • Due to the process above I was able to print all the cards so that they could be play-testing with all the information necessary for play. These tests brought up a lot of questions about the mechanics and how they would function. Certain concepts such as defense and attack have been altered to function far more effectively – giving purpose to each one,
  • The mat concept has been drafted and tested and suits the style of game-play well (in my first tests),


  • Furthermore, many mechanics are discussed this week and arguments are drafted to explore possible solutions.

Week 4


  • 2nd Playtest completed and feedback is written up and explored,
  • Rule book is drafted (needs revisiting),
  • Review of schedule, goals looked at in depth, timescale changed to match current progress.
  • Aprils total goal is to have all cards completed:
  • Next 4 Weeks – Creating Artwork for 75 – 100 cards,
  • Want all Artwork completed by April.
In order to complete the cards before April (100 as a contingency), I must draw up ‘3.225’ cards a day, including weekends.
In order to complete the cards before April (75 in Total), I must draw up ‘2.419’ cards a day, including weekends.
How many cards can I realistically create in day?
  • I’m aware that certain cards like items, spells and weapons will take significantly less time. (HALF COMPLETED)
Card List (Illustration Type) 75 Total
Goal by April
Cards Completed,
Produce Patents and Copyrights.
  • ‘HERO’ Towers & Components finalised,
  • Packaging designed, marketing material Designed,
  • Social Media is working,
  • Kick-starter begun (donator incentives – unique Totems, Cards etc),
  • Add illustrations from the cards into a publication for the kick-starter and shows,
  • Send cards for printing, produce packaging and components professionally,
  • Have a 1st build ready by the 1st of May.
Goal by May
Mat, Dice, Tokens & Totems finished,
Lore completed,
Working Build Finished.
  • Design Boxes, Promo Stands, Video, Merchandise (all extras),
  • Business Cards and Leaflets sent out to businesses and hiring managers,
  • Create take-away/promo packs (perhaps make a take-away box with a leaflet, card, business card and photos) for the Shows,
Goal by end of May
Video Created and Published,
Extras for the show are finished,
Self-marketing starts using the Game,
30th May (Final Hand In)

Week 5

  • Card sketches are underway and drafts are constructed for some items and the first sheet of dark characters,51


  • Cell shading artstyle is confirmed and implemented,
  • Death tokens are drafted,


  • Mat design is explored and finalised,



Week 6

  • Death token is rendered in 3D ready for printing,


  • Fonts for the games cards, titles and other documents are drafted and then later finalised:


  • Drafts for all 3 sheets of characters are finalised,


Week 7

  • Refinement of the card layout and text is underway,



  • Guest lecture and conversation with Matteo from the V&A lead to interesting points to think over, this conversation will re-inform my play-testing efforts thus forward,
  • Sheet 2 is given lineart and more cards are drafted,


  • lastritesccg.com is made (needs revisiting),
  • first round of printing begins (transparent sheets and heavy card stock are tested and deamed inappropriate).



Week 8

  • 3 Sheets are drafted, rendered and almost complete,


  • Schedule is reviewed and refined,

Schedule - Sheet1-1

Output Total

  • 4 Sheets of Cards

Not Done/Defined as needing revisiting

  • Final artworks to all cards and text improvements,
  • Hero/Totem is explored (needs to be revisited),
  • Improvements to Mat,
  • Rule book,
  • lastritesccg.com
  • Minimum playable product
    • Playing with just the attacking mechanics

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