W6 S2: Artwork Continued (11th March – 17th March)

Weekly Goal

  • Finalise 9 Dark Cards,
  • Draft 9 Light Cards,
  • Print and test mat design,
  • Print and test other components (if possible).


Games Development

  • Death Token Design (Monday),
  • Font Creation (Monday),
  • Font Updates (Friday),
  • Card Drafts x 27 (Friday),

Games Development

Mat finalisation (Being sent for printing)


Monday: Death Token Concept & Design


Monday: Font Creation

My journey into font creation began today through the creation of the Death Token (above). In order to get a professional looking 3D spline, I needed to make my Logo into a font, this was used in 3DS max to create the spline. Once I’d created the two necessary letters, I decided to finally establish a title font that can be used for marketing, product design and other documents like the rule-book.  This font is completely unique to the Game, and therefore no legal issues pertain to its’ use.

The uniqueness of the font type adds to the marketability and aesthetic of the game.

Some refinements need to be made in order to make the font flow better, however, because of its’ limited use, this isn’t currently necessary.


Friday Font Update


Friday: Card Drafts

Output Total

  • Mat Printed (need to collect and test next week),
  • 27 Cards Drafted
    • Next week finalise these designs and add them to their cards.

Not Done

  • Need to get coin printed and casted.

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