Components: Damage Counters

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22nd January

The purpose of damage counters is to help players keep track of damage taken, health left and other stats during play without having to remember these factors mentally. Counters are a fun additional component of play and add extra satsifaction for users.

My current proposed product will certainly need a damage counting system to due the battle mechanic being a fundamental aspect of play.  Expecting players to remember damage statistics proves unfair and potentially gives an opportunity for cheating as there is no given proof of current damage to any given character.

Paper Counters

Ähnliches Foto

(, n/a)

Ähnliches Foto

(GameHollow, n/a)

Pros and Cons of Paper Counters


  • Cheap to produce,
  • Small and easy to transport,
  • Can have a high volume of different counters on one sheet: allows players to choose  what they feel most comfortable,
  • Can easily change the design; as the product simply needs printing once refined,
  • Fun to use.


  • Can easily be lost due to their size,
  • Are easily destroyed by water or other environmental effects,
  • Do not feel luxurious or expensive,
  • Do not have much weight to them (reduces overal percieved quality) (ECN, 2016),
  • Less desirable than other counters because of these features.

Acrylic Counters

Pokemon Damage Counters

(GameMatz, n/a)

(BrokenEggGames, n/a)

(CurledPawCreatives, n/a)

Pros and cons of Acrylic Counters


  • Hard to destroy,
  • Improved look and feel,
  • Weight – linked to customer satisfaction,
  • Sound – linked to customer satisfaction,
  • Somewhat easy to produce (create moulds and pour acrylic everytime),


  • Takes longer to produce,
  • Materials cost more,
  • Higher level of care upon production (quality assurance),
  • Need to create moulds.



The pros and cons of dice are very similar to acrylic counters although they do have their advantages.

(TCEvolutions, n/a)

“these high quality, awesome looking CNC Machined solid aluminum Damage counter dice.  Tired of having a whole bag of dice with you and having to use 3 or sometimes even 4 dice on your cards?  With these CNC cut aluminum dice you should never need more than two of these dice on your cards.”

(TCEvolutions, n/a)

Based on the product description I can assume there is a need for reducing the amount of damage counters needed by players. In my previous examples (often Pokemon) many counters are needed in order to keep track of damage. Reducing the amount my game needs may prove useful to players as there will be less for them to keep track of; reducing the necessary components also creates easier gameplay for players.

The benefits of acrylic counters roll over into dice appeal as it has a unique weight, feel and creates sound upon play; all features that improve product appeal and customer satisfaction. Dice are also easy to use and transport due to their multi-faced design – combining many component purposes in one.

Dice are very collectable, this is evidenced when games like ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ are considered. From personal experienced I have seen players bring a large collection of different sets of dice to games, they choose their dice based on the character in play, allowing players to express their own sense of style.

Dungeons and Dragons Dice Sets

Dungeons and Dragons uses a set of 7 dice to calculate percentages, damage and other magical affects. Each dice has a different amount of faces ranging from 4 to 20; 20 being the most used. Dice of this kind are extremely useful for calculating percentages and chance – I may consider playtesting with dice of this type in order to see whether it creates a more interesting and functional mode of gameplay.

In general, the D4, D6, D8, D10 and D12 are used for weapons damage, attacks, spells and healing amounts.  The D20 is used most often, to see if your attempted action succeeds.

(, n/a)

Added benefits of using this advanced dice system is the aesthetic appeal of these items, many of the dice sets have unique attributes making each desirable simply for their colour, theme and feel.

(, n/a)

(, n/a)

Storage for dice, counters and coins

(Thingverse, n/a)

Improved percieved value

Allows for collection

Concept art based on research



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