Audience Research

This page documents my on-going efforts into audience research

24th February

Gen Z:

(Image Source: Here)

  • Gen Z value real people over corporate brands,
  • They are just as happy to recieve digital content as physical items (lootboxes) (The Richards Group, n.d.),
  • Gen Z spend a total of $124 on gaming and toys (over a six month period) (, n/a),
  • 74Million Americans are Gen Z (, n/a),
  • “What is important to GenZ when deciding what game to play, is that the game is fun” (Pirc, 2017),

22nd Jan

The below poll shows the main age groups of players of the Pokemon title: Sun and Moon.


(VullabySaysHi, 2017)

The majority of players are between 18 and 29, this is similar to Hearthstone’s Demographic with players being between 18 and 34; this information is vital for the decision forming aspect of my work as I will be creating my product for a very similar audience. Understanding the demographic details of my audience will allow me to properly market to their needs.

The poll below shows the number of players and age of players who play the online card game Hearthstone:


(CornishCucumber, 2018)

A quote from the same source suggests that at least 80% of the playerbase from Hearthstone is male. This information suggests that I should target my media to a majoritive male audience, however, I will need to gather further research before deciding on this.

“80.6% of Hearthstone tweets are from males, suggesting there is a 4:1 male to female playerbase.”

(CornishCucumber, 2018)

User Profiles (Personas)



CornishCucumber. (2018). Hearthstone Demographics. r/Hearthstone, [online]. Available at: [Accessed 22nd Jan, 2019].

VullabySaysHi. (2017) The demographics of Pokemon Sun and Moon players (age). Gamefaqs, [online]. Available at: [Accessed 22nd Jan, 2019].

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